How to join/Connect 
This server has tried to become very easy for users to come onto. There are a few ways you can connect to Legacy.
Visit the site and download there software. We are listed as Legacy on there shard listings. (For UOG users:  uog://ADDD91C3F8C4BC420F3D33FD85036148  )
The other way to connect is by recreating the client yourself and resetting the login.cfg file to login to Legacy yourself. You must download UO Rice. ( ) and place that anywhere on your computer. Double click it and wait for 10 seconds. Then press spacebar. It will have created a file called 'No_Crypt_Client.exe' in your ultima online folder. You MUST run this client to access shards that are NOT OSI. Second, you now need to change your Ultima to Login to Legacy. Download ( ) and place that in your Ultima Online folder and overwrite your current one. (If you see the contents, Go to File -> Save As, or copy and paste the contents into the Login.cfg) Once these steps are done, just launch the client ( No_Crypt_Client.exe ) and login under any username/password you would like.